Handmade passport cover [Philippines]
Handmade passport cover [Philippines]
Handmade passport cover [Philippines]

Handmade passport cover [Philippines]

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Philippine NGO "DAWN" handmade passport cover

W 150mm H 200mm

Cloth products

With a string and two fasteners, so you can use your passport You can put in a passport, etc.

Since each item is handmade by a local craftsman, there may be small scratches, wrinkles, uneven color, etc., but please understand this as a unique handicraft texture. It will be assorted, so please leave it to us what color and pattern you will receive.

"DAWN" (Development Action for Women Network) aims to protect the human rights of Filipino women and Hibi international children who travel to Japan as migrant workers, while improving the social independence and livelihoods of women. It is an NGO that provides support for. "Theatrical company Akebono", which is composed of DAWN children, visits Japan every year and conducts tours in Japan while searching for their fathers. DAWN representative Carmelita Nuki and Peace Boat have been friends for over 30 years. This year, due to Corona's illness, I haven't been able to carry out a tour of my father's search and performances in Japan. DAWN also sells handicrafts made by women as a program to support women's independence. The usual offshore sale of handicrafts on Peace Boat is not done as the cruise has not yet resumed. At the very least, please purchase these wonderful items and help Filipino women to become independent without having to come to Japan to work.